Is blogging robbing you of time and giving nothing in return?

Your blog can become the engine room that fuels your business. Let me show you how.


Fearless Business Blogging OverwhelmedEver rolled into bed at night, completely exhausted, but far from satisfied you achieved everything you set out to do that day? It can be disheartening, can’t it, and one of the reasons we’re in a constant state of overwhelm.

When you add blogging to your list of things to do, well, that’s a luxury item that can always wait until tomorrow. After six months, 12 months… maybe even years slogging away in your WordPress dashboard, you’re yet to see an income from all that effort.

You’ve spent two days trying to get one blog post out, done the quick list post, blog commenting, guest posting, meme participation, conference networking… What you’ve really got in return is blogger burnout, an empty wallet and maybe a $20 watch from a PR company.

I know. I’ve been there.

When it comes to blogging we’re:

  • fearful we lack the secret sauce to get instant traffic and cash, therefore we invest in yet another conference without ever implementing
  • fearful of putting ourselves and the stories that matter most out there, so we either play small or never hit the “publish” button
  • fearful blogging is just sucking valuable time from more important business tasks, making it a low priority.


But what if I told you that blogging can:

  • be effortless when the right plan is put in place and you start treating it like a “real” business
  • position you as an expert in your niche to allow you to demand higher prices for your gifts
  • become the engine room for your entire online business to help you finally achieve the financial and lifestyle goals you’ve set yourself.


When you create a purpose, plan and profit points for your blog, you will become more focused, create content with ease and confidence and your reach and revenue will increase.

This is not just another “how to start a blog’’ program. I wanted Fearless Business Blogging to be so much more than that, which is why this program is a holistic approach to marketing your business online with the added bonus of support and accountability to increase your chances of success.

FBB Kellie OBrienAfter 16 years as a journalist, I started blogging purely for pleasure. However, I soon found myself obsessed with content creation, blog commenting and social sharing. I was never present in my family’s life, because blogging completely consumed me. The worst part was I was earning next to nothing – bar the odd $150 sponsored post. Sad, I know.

What I’ve learnt over the past five years blogging is it doesn’t have to be that hard once you have a system in place – and it can earn you a heck of a lot more money in the process. I’m not going to tell you I have a million readers, because I don’t. However, my blog continually attracts potential clients – one post brings on average 20 subscribers a day – and the system I have set up takes care of them for me, so I can take care of the most important people in my world.

Despite not having a huge list or unique views, I still receive requests for marketing and publicity coaching, gain regular speaking opportunities and am commissioned to blog for corporates and small business as a result of the blog.

I wish I’d learnt this years earlier. My daughters would have experienced a lot more tea parties with me (complete with dress ups!). I would have eliminated stress and overwhelm. And my bank account would have looked a lot healthier.

I want you to reach a point where it’s working for you too, instead of you constantly working for it. That’s why I created Fearless Business Blogging.

When you join me in Fearless Business Blogging, you’ll receive:

Module 1: Setting the Foundation

In this module, we’ll set the foundations by defining your ideal client and their needs, determining your blog branding, voice and goals and developing an easy to implement plan to deliver your key messages and gifts that creates ease in your life.


Module 2: Heart-centred storytelling to attract your ideal client

Discover the stories that will act as a magnet to your ideal client and leave them eager for more. Learn techniques to craft headlines and hooks that entice them to click without using sleazy clickbait tactics. Finally, we dive into writing clearly and concisely (whether for text, video or audio delivery) to put your key message forward.

Module 3: Make your readers fall in love with you

It’s wonderful to see your traffic stats rising, but what’s the point if they never return? You’ll discover the strategies for turning readers into loyal subscribers through creating valuable gifts your readers will love you for. Then, uncover some hidden gems within your blog that can generate list growth on autopilot.

Module 4: Turn fans into customers

Use your stories to build anticipation for your products and services, sell without all the internet marketing-style sleaziness and ultimately turn readers and subscribers into people eager to open their wallet and buy the solution you’re offering to solve their problem. Learn to sell with class and credibility.

Module 5: Leverage, baby!

The ol’ “build it and they will come” doesn’t apply to blogging. You do need to put yourself out there. This module dives into simple systems for social, SEO and email to leverage your stories and grow your business without needing to spend days slaving away at your screen. We’ll also discuss an effortless way of generating traffic and expert status – and it’s not guest blogging.

Module 6: Packaging your gifts

I told you this was more than just a “how to blog” program, didn’t I! This is how to truly turn from hobby blogger to entrepreneur. I will teach you how to sell your gifts through creating digital products and eliminate the risk of losing time and money in creating a product no one will buy.

Are you ready for weekly actions that will move your business forward?

Fearless Business Blogging success

The program starts November 6 and runs for six weeks. Each module will take you an hour of learning and about two hours of implementation per week. Each module consists of a live webinar training from Kellie to allow you to ask your questions direct, a homework assignment and accountability through a private Facebook mastermind group.

The investment for Fearless Business Blogging is $249 for the foundation intake.

Please note: the price will go up once the next version launches.

Again, you get direct access to me, a plan to move your blog and business forward and an inside look at the tools I use in my business.

Click the button below to become a fearless business blogger. We will only be accepting a small group for this foundation intake. We would love you to join us.


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Oh yes, there’s more. Not steak knives, sorry, but some far more useful resources.

60-day Priority Email Access (valued $999)

I’ve carved out space in my diary during Fearless Business Blogging to ensure I can answer all your questions personally to help you forge ahead with building your business from your blog. This is the sort of access only my one-on-one clients get who are paying $500+ per month. However, I truly want to see you succeed with this, so it’s important you have the opportunity to ask questions via a private outlet.


Library of Tutorials (valued at $1500)

You’ll be given bite-sized step-by-step tutorials on the technical aspects of blogging, such as setting up a blog, uploading a post to your blog, creating images etc. When you start out, you can spend hours trying to figure out how to do all this stuff or feel too ashamed to ask for help because it’s a “newbie” question. I share my resources, favourite programs and easy tutorials to help you get your blog functioning faster. These are the same tutorials I’ve used with clients who have never touched a WordPress site before.


Workbook and Checklists (valued at $97)

If you’re an organising geek like me, you love having a workbook to follow along with to help reinforce what you’re learning and gain clarity on the system you’re creating. You will receive a workbook with pages to allow you to work out your keywords, create a blogging calendar, links to resources and tracking results. There will also be a checklist so you know where you’re up to, what you’ve done and what still needs to be accomplished.


When does it start?

We launch the foundation intake on Thursday, November 6 at 10am AEST.

I’m only new to blogging. Will this work for me?

I created this program to guide business owners, or bloggers who have yet to make an income, in how to set up a system that will reach their goals. It is advisable you have a blog set up (it doesn’t have to be perfect, by the way!) to allow you to get started straight away.

However, if your blog isn’t yet set up, shoot me an email and we can either work together to get your site up and running asap or I can find someone else who can do that for you. Email kellieobrienau @

I’m an established blogger, even though I’m not making money… yet! Is this for me?

Oh yes! I’m a big believer that you don’t need to have a huge volume of traffic to build a successful business from your blog. HOWEVER, if you have the traffic already coming to you – bonus! What you will gain from this program is how to turn that traffic into subscribers and, ultimately, people who are willing to hand over their money for you to solve their problems.

How much time will this take?

Each week you’ll be part of a one-hour webinar training, where you will get some nuts and bolts coaching, along with the opportunity to ask me questions. Your homework will take about 2-3 hours per week. The program also comes with a library of information and training to answer any questions you might have outside the core training (like, how do I upload a blog post to my site, how do I create images in Picmonkey etc). The time investment for this will vary depending on how many of the tutorials you feel you need.

What if I'm not good with the tech stuff?

That’s not a problem at all. You’ll be surprised how little techie stuff you need to know to do this program. Anything that is techie is confined to step-by-step tutorials with pictures inside the resource library, so you can see exactly what you need to do. Otherwise, these are the same systems and techniques I teach companies that have never touched a WordPress site and are far from tech experts.

Is this just for coaches, consultants and authors? Or will it work for physical products?

The program is designed for coaches, consultants and authors, but that’s not to say it won’t work for physical products as well. The principles are all the same, regardless of your business model or niche. Tara Gentile, one of the business women I admire, talks about seeing your product as a service – because it is! Hopefully that answers your question.

If you’re still not sure, shoot me an email at kellieobrienau @

When can I expect to see results?

This one really depends on how much you’re willing to follow the steps outlined and how fast you’re able to implement. Your results are really reliant on you and what you’re capable of. We all lead different lives and have different priorities. Some implement fast and some like to take their time rolling it out. You set the pace (unless you want me to push you harder)! Remember: you have lifetime access to this (or for the life of the site, anyway). The group is also there to help spur you on to take action.

What if I don't love the program?

I want you to walk away happy from this program. That means more to me than any amount of money. So if it doesn’t meet your expectations within 30 days of purchase, let me know and I’ll refund you the full price straight away AND you can keep your access to the course. While I’ve had people warn me this can lead to people ripping you off, I’m confident that most people are good people.

Are your ready for weekly actions that will move your business and blog forward?

Business Blogging iPadThe investment for Fearless Business Blogging is $249 for the foundation intake. Please note: the price will go up once the next version launches.

Again, you get direct access to Kellie, a plan to move your blog and business forward and an inside look at the tools that’s turned my business around and created ease in my life.

Click the button below to become a fearless business blogger. We will only be accepting a small group for this foundation intake. We can’t wait to work with you!

Sorry, you’ve missed out on the foundation intake. But register below and you’re good to be the first to hear about the next intake! 

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